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My Mesa work comes from the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. The core of this material is derived from don Oscar Miro-Quesada's formal apprenticeships in both Northern Coastal and the Southeastern Andean shamanic traditions of Peru. The Mesa is a cloth laid out with strategically placed items of symbolic and energetic meaning. 

Pachakuti Mesa incorporates a syncretic blend of Peruvian folk Catholicism, pre-Columbian cosmology, cross-cultural indigenous healing practices, and Earth-honoring ceremonies.

It is designed to encourage individual, communal, and planetary healing, the awakening of dormant human potentials, and the advancement of individual and collective consciousness.

It is my feeling that the science of the physical (massage), and the energy of the Mesa work, prove complementary in the continuous discovery of one's all-encompassing truth. Much like the Peruvian concept of tinku used to describe the juncture of 2 rivers, Massage and Mesa have the freedom to finally merge and flow together. The massage helps create a state of openess and flow, thereby allowing the Mesa work an open relaxed person to work with. 

I truely like doing the Mesa Massage technique but can do Mesa work without massage if preferred or called to work that way. 


Mesa Services

MESA MASSAGE (2 1/2 TO 3 HOURS)                          $185.00


MESA WORK (2 TO 2 1/2 HOURS)                                 $115.00

(without massage)

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