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My Philosophy? Relax, Enjoy, & Move Forward!

Overview and Introduction


I view my massage work as a journey. We can work on the physical level which addresses an immediate response. And, we can work in the causal level or spiritual healing which aspires and creates a strong wellness experience over the long-term.


In massage therapy, we typically start on the physical plane, getting grounded in the basic muscular and soft tissue structure. For those who are comfortable with subtle body (physical and mind) we can incorporate aromatherapy, warm stones, and energies of natural elements. Many of my guests have found this to be a complement to their own emotional and physical well-being programs.


For those who have embraced the spiritual journey and have done or beginning individual growth work on a very personal level, find that the causal work (Mesa Massage) a portal to growth and spiritual well-being.


My calling is to help my guest find and embrace the right treatments that suit their individual needs.

Personal Statement


Over 14 years ago, my career was evolving while working for Aveda as a sales consultant. I was teaching scalp massages to stylists and how to offer a scalp massage with every haircut. I had a flair for it and decided to take a massage therapy class. It was a natural calling and before long, my interest became my passion and my new career.


During this time, I worked in an Aveda spa and continued to develop my knowledge, skills, and experience. Sitting in an Aveda workshop leaning about a new body treatment, I was once again inspired to evolve my career.


The instructor was sharing the three levels of the body in Ayurvedic practice. The first level is the physical body which governs over body and emotions; examples are massage and yoga. Each has an effect on the physical as well as emotional well-being of the body.


The next level is the subtle body which consists of the mind and the intellect. This level is reached through meditation, counseling, reading books and even aromatherapy.


The third level is the causal body, which is soul and spirit. Meditation and other higher levels of spiritual work are the main techniques.


It was in that moment that I said quietly to myself; "That's where I want to be, I want to work there in the spiritual place." I knew intuitively in that moment, in that room, that the spiritual realm and the spiritual journey is where people in the future will want to be also. As a massage therapist, we are limited by how much we can impact the physical world. At the time, I had no idea how I was going to get there. Yet, in saying it in my heart, I became more open and aware of other modalities that were new and impacting the subtle and causal levels. Reiki was the first technique I began learning and practicing, next came Myofascial Release work. After a journey to Big Sur California where I studied Esalen massage technique, doors began to open to a different type of massage and therapy work with my quests. It wasn't untill I came across the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition--a blending of two Shamanic practices in South America--that I knew I had reached that causal or spiritual level.


I am honored to be chosen by my guests for gentle relaxing massage work or more advanced treatments. I welcome your questions and invite you to experience for yourself.


Michael Schuver

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